Co-deployment and Re-deployment of Generic Applications

CoRDAGe is a co-deployment and re-deployment tool for grid applications. It interfaces distributed applications with grid middlewares in charge of node reservation and deployment to bring dynamicity during the whole execution time. CoRDAGe is currently able to (re)deploy the JuxMem data sharing service using the OAR reservation tool and the ADAGE deployment tool. Interactions between grid applications and CoRDAGe are made thanks to the XML-RPC protocol specification. A set of specific actions have to be written in C++ following the CoRDAGe framework, to provide support for your applications.

CoRDAGe has two main goals: 1/ it translates high-level application-specific actions into low-level generic operations intended to interact with reservation and deployment tools and 2/ it performs smart preliminary planification driven by the application needs.

CoRDAGe uses a logical tree to represent the applications: it is designed to express proximity between the entities and perform a smart pre-planification of the deployment by selecting appropriate resources. This model allows co-deployment of several applications by merging their corresponding logical representations. Logical representations are thereafter mapped onto the physical resources representation, also built as a logical tree.

The CoRDAGe prototype is now at test phase within the LEGO project. You can join the CoRDAGe project hosted at the INRIA forge. This tool relies on the following XML-RPC implementation. You need to install this library before compiling CoRDAGe. Please read the INSTALL file for installation notes.

Reference paper:

Loïc Cudennec and Gabriel Antoniu and Luc Bougé, CoRDAGe: Towards Transparent Management of Interactions Between Applications and Resources, STHEC/ICS 2008, June, Island of Kos, Aegean Sea, Greece [paper, slides, bibtex]

Contact: loic.cudennec(at), cordage-discuss(at)

This work has been supported by Sun Microsystems, the Regional Council of Brittany and the French National Agency for Research project LEGO (ANR-05-CIGC-11). Experiments presented in this project were carried out using the Grid'5000 experimental testbed, an initiative from the French Ministry of Research through the ACI GRID incentive action, INRIA, CNRS and RENATER and other contributing partners. The CoRDAGe logo contains some material released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 / GNU Free Documentation License.